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Stuck in Joomla? Joomate is just the site for you!

Joomla Administrator Assistance Service

So you're new to Joomla, huh? Or maybe just stuck on some new function?

Well, you're in luck! Here at the Joomate Solution Centre you can get affordable backend assistance.


1)  Make initial contact with me (Laurie McArthur, the Joomate adminstrator) using the site's contact form. Then, at a mutually convenient time, we can talk via Skype. Please see the clock in the left sidebar.

2)  Depending on the task and your level of Joomla ability, I'll either work you through the task via Skype or else do it for you via your FTP, your Joomla Administrator, your cPanel or a combination of these.

Note: For major tasks such as migrating a site from J1.5 to J2.5, I'll need access to your hosting control panel (cPanel).

If requested, you'll need to create a new user for me on your site and give me Super User permissions. Select a suitable Username and Password. Get my e-mail from the Joomate contact page.

Security Note: Do not send any sensitive information over the web or email, such as credit card details or passwords. We'll do that verbally via Skype.

3)  Using Skype, as needed, advise me of:

  • My Super User Admin Username and Password and confirm my e-mail address.
  • Your FTP Host, User and Password.
  • Your Hosting Control Panel (cPanel) URL, Username and Password.
  • Your database name, database username and database user password.

Security Note: You can downgrade me to a the Public user group later or else delete my user and change your cPanel/FTP password.

4)  Using the PayPal button on this page, make the appropriate payment.

I'll have a quick look at the site for free but require payment of $20 via the PayPal button before looking at the task in detail. Small tasks will be done as I examine the site, within this fee.

Major tasks will be done by quote. Migration from version 1.5 to 2.5 starts from $275 for a basic site of say a dozen or twenty pages and a modest number of third party plugins. The initial payment of $20 will be deducted from the quoted amount if you proceed.

Tasks such as upgrading a site from 1.6.0+ to the current 2.5 or 3.x version attract a charge of $60 since I'll need to backup the site and download the backup file to my HD, before I start (just in case).

5)  Small jobs include:

  • Site backup and download .jpa file.
  • Restore your site from your .jpa backup file (file e-mailed to me).
  • Edit a couple of css files.
  • Change header logo or image.
  • Create a graphic text logo and install.
  • Create a new background image (install may be an extra task).
  • Install and configure an extension (backup first).
  • Find a suitable extension for you.
  • Find and install a couple of freebie templates.
  • Build a form using BreezingForms (install BreezingForms first).

Many tasks require that an Akeeba site backup is done before I start. This is an extra task at $20.

Some of these jobs are graphics tasks, of course. The web is quite graphic huh!

Joomate is the web building enterprise of Laurie McArthur: adventurer, photographer, story teller and web developer.